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South Brevard

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Who we Are

Welcome to Camp Hope!

We are a camp run by Community of Hope, a 501c3 non-profit organization that is committed to transforming lives with hope and dignity through housing families experiencing homelessness.

We serve kids in Brevard County in grades K-6th during school breaks, with a scholarship fund that covers the cost of attendance for families experiencing economic hardship and a sliding scale for all other campers. While most of the families who participate are facing the challenges of homelessness or in transitional housing, anyone is welcome to sign up (space pending).

We value inclusiveness, creativity, exploration, play, and authenticity. We learn through discovery and exploration, aiming to provide an enriching environment where our campers feel both supported enough and empowered enough to connect, grow, and change the world.

Explore our Programming

We believe that living is learning, so we try to pack as much ‘life’ into each camp day as possible!

Camp Hope

Empowering campers to change their world, one bit at a time.


Contact Phone

(321) 474-9066

Mailing Address
PO. Box 1253
Melbourne, FL 32904
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